Plug ‘n’ Play

is an opportunity for individuals, freelancers, as well as the civil society institutions to implement their ideas and programs. Kaaya as an eco-system offers an incubation space to explore and play out creativity

Kaaya currently accept partnerships and proposals under following eco-system themes:

  • Organic farming, Slow Food, nutrition
  • Health, wellness, meditation, yoga, natural healing
  • Art & Craft based on natural elements
  • Sustainable technologies, practices and solutions
  • Performances, residencies, workshops
  • Outdoor Education, tools, methods and applications

Kaaya, as a creative space to host and implement such programs, is dynamic – always changing, growing, and learning. It is structured in a way that provides an environment to affect a genuine, experience-based relationship with natural elements

How to become Kaaya Plug ‘n’ play member