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Why send your kids to Kaaya?

Why send your kids to Kaaya?

letting nature be their teacher

The natural setting of a village provides an ideal ground for fun, learning, and exploration. Surrounded by forests, hills, water bodies, and rural life, time spent at Kaaya means adventures, physical challenges, hosts of smell and taste, visual delights, orchestras of sound that fills the mind with awe, wonder, a deep sense of excitement, in some cases, fear, and at other times joy and delight.

As a facilitator, we value unstructured time spent by students at Kaaya. Often, we let hyper active students feel bored at times too, because we believe such moments helps them re-discover their imagination and creativity naturally. 

A journey from Classrooms to Real World

In class rooms, students engage with different aspects of pressing global issues related to environment, climate change or sustainability covered in their syllabus. When they visit Kaaya, they have already studied, debated, presented on, and written research papers about them. At Kaaya, they get the field context to link them all together as they undertake different journeys specially developed by Kaaya facilitators. Each journey is designed to have elements of cognition, tactile/visual as well as practice component to provide a holistic understanding.

A connect with their roots

In a world of super markets, online shopping, and smart phones, the disconnect between urban and rural realities only keep widening. At Kaaya, we believe that bridging this gap can go a long way in tapping into the energies, creativity, and possibilities of building sustainable, modern communities. We facilitate a proactive engagement of students with local environment where nature and communities co-exist; and how such interactions are the basis of supporting urban lifestyles. Students also learn how they, as a consumer, can contribute towards building a more eco-friendly, sustainable world

Applying mind to find ‘Solutions’

In this information age problems do seem bigger. At Kaaya, our semi-structured programming allows participants to engage in a hands-on manner to have experiential learning of sustainable solutions. The emphasis is on building upon existing resources/assets that the individual/community has within their own control and how an outsider can help make it better. Students are encouraged to use ‘appreciative enquiry’ as a methodology, it helps students to identify mutual areas of strength where they can contribute even with their limited tools or resources. Our facilitators help them engage with local community or issue in a way where they feel they can make a difference.

Space to co-create and be the change

Kaaya Maker’s space fosters a spirit of ‘creation’ at times where we are more used to ‘consumption’. At Kaaya, we facilitate the process of co-creation; wherein, the individual finds ways to ‘do’ something about the larger issues confronting them. For example, making and using ‘seed bombs’ by students for reforestation in a way gives them back a sense of control.  When they fight for global warming, they know they can always have ‘seed bombs’ to throw.  With the use of Maker’s space, we transfer basic skills to up-cycle and re-use waste products, and show students, how to make new ones that leave minimum carbon footprints.

Gain direct insights from the ground  

Our modules are designed in such a way that facilitate holistic learning. Students interact with real life ‘practitioners’ who know their work because their livelihood depends on it. For example our resource person for the milk journey knows what & how much a cow eats; what does it costs; how much milk she gives; what rate he gets for his milk; how purity of his milk is determined, how government is helping etc because he himself owns the dairy unit. This allows students to fully engage with him to get an insightful sense of ‘milk’ they are a consumer of. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Deep Learning of inter-connect between man & its environment
  • Appreciation of traditional wisdom, commitment and persistence of farming community that is growing food for us
  • Understanding the building blocks of a sustainable community and to see scientific and technical innovations from ecological perspective
  • Exposure to architecture, forestry, nature’s art & craft to enhance personal and cultural expressions
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Upcoming event


Kaaya: an Architect’s Perspective

Designing sustainability

Kaaya over time has caught attention of visitors because of its architecture. Without a blue-print, it evolved organically and has dynamically adapted to its environment as well as changing needs. The architect Saaniya visited Kaaya as a guest and has taken time to reflect her experiences below

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Call for Resident Architects

Kaaya is looking for young short term resident architects to help us in our campus re-design. If you are free, creative, inspired by nature, can sketch ideas in paper fast, love outdoor cooking and digs in DIY and don’t mind getting your hands on mud, apply to be a resident of Kaaya (minimum two weeks). write to info@kaaya.org


Work & play


Organic growers

Neighbors as organic growers!

In case you have recently missed Kaaya updates…. We were busy learning to grow organic. As a urban-rural connect program, Kaaya is pleased to share a unique organic kitchen garden initiative in the neighborhood!

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Art-Eco: Part 1

Art-Eco 2019-20: A socio culture Project (14-20 Dec)

Today we conclude a week-long journey of international plein air artists at Kaaya. Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind to experience painting and drawing in the open air. Particularly in this time, when climate as well as humanitarian crisis is looming large, these artists left  comforts of their homes or studios and picked up their brushes, paints and easels to inspire as well as seek inspirations from the nature and people to spread peace, harmony and beauty around their work. At least, this is what we felt at kaaya with their presence.  

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International Artists Residency

Stay tuned…


Community Living

Kaaya Living

The program began to evolve as an experiment in sustainable living when more and more people from different parts visited Kaaya and thought of Kaaya also as an option for a sustained engagement in the long term too.
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Writers in Residence

The physicality of words! We don’t know, but are ready to explore this in the coming days. At Kaaya we are connecting the need to get out of town, breathe fresh air, enjoy solitude, contemplate and to share!

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Upcoming Event

Maati Ki Baatein…

Kaaya is excited to host an experiential workshop for all age groups including families to re-connect with Mitti, self and the creative processes through sharing , doing and learning

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