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Why send your kids to Kaaya?

Why send your kids to Kaaya? letting nature be their teacher The natural setting of a village provides an ideal ground for fun, learning, and exploration. Surrounded by forests, hills, water bodies, and rural life, time spent at Kaaya means adventures, physical challenges, hosts of smell and taste, visual delights, orchestras of sound that fills the mind with awe, wonder, a deep sense of … Read More Why send your kids to Kaaya?

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Kaaya: an Architect’s Perspective

Designing sustainability Kaaya over time has caught attention of visitors because of its architecture. Without a blue-print, it evolved organically and has dynamically adapted to its environment as well as changing needs. The architect Saaniya visited Kaaya as a guest and has taken time to reflect her experiences below


Call for Resident Architects

Kaaya is looking for young short term resident architects to help us in our campus re-design. If you are free, creative, inspired by nature, can sketch ideas in paper fast, love outdoor cooking and digs in DIY and don’t mind getting your hands on mud, apply to be a resident of Kaaya (minimum two weeks). write to info@kaaya.org