L&RH – the need, the intent, and the rationale

Our lives need to rejuvenate urgently and sustainably. We need to re-look at ourselves and the mess we have accumulated – within the individual, the community, our natural resources, the region we live in, the grand narratives in national and geo-politics, and planet earth as a whole.

The re-visioning needs to begin from a positive, creative space within ourselves – as a humble attempt that is also universally expansive. In village Tilwari for instance, which touches the fringes of the hill city of Dehradun, it makes sense to us that reading and learning is organically linked with the needs and aspirations of the local people and the area’s natural resources – the forest, the air, the springs and streams, village life, local agricultural practice and so on.

At the same time, it is important that such learning is both shared and received widely, and that there is regular engagement with people all over India and the world who seek to live sustainably, peacefully and harmoniously. 

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