Giving at Kaaya

In the larger pursuit of “development and growth”, many of us tend to lose our connection with nature. Somehow, we seem to forget that our natural resources – soil, water, air, trees – sustain and nurture life itself.

Kaaya learning centre arose from the urge to create an alternative model of sustainable living. The idea was to do what we could at the individual and community level, and to take responsibility for our own neighbourhood.

However, to imagine this is one thing, but to do something on a day-to-day level requires strong will by a team of people, and plenty of resources. Six years down the line, we can say we have taken many small steps towards our overall vision.

Today, we feel we will continue – with collective effort – to move ahead little by little, and pass on something of value to our next generation.

We are glad that Rakesh could see the merit of such a library cum resource centre and offered to raise some initial donation. He also volunteered to provide oversight to the project, and to see that the idea takes a physical form.

Recent winter break, Mr Rakesh interacting with the School kids.

We also think it as an excellent opportunity where people who support us see the fruits of their association take shape during their subsequent visits.

People who donate can choose to stay at Kaaya and can further contribute by volunteering. They can perform hands-on workshops, story-telling session, or just interaction with the children whom they are making an impact.

We need your help too. Kindly donate, and support us for the cause, it will certainly help us reach the first milestone.

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