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L&RH – the need, the intent, and the rationale

Our lives need to rejuvenate urgently and sustainably. We need to re-look at ourselves and the mess we have accumulated – within the individual, the community, our natural resources, the region we live in, the grand narratives in national and geo-politics, and planet earth as a whole. The re-visioning needs to begin from a positive, creative space within ourselves – as a humble attempt … Read More L&RH – the need, the intent, and the rationale


Giving at Kaaya

In the larger pursuit of “development and growth”, many of us tend to lose our connection with nature. Somehow, we seem to forget that our natural resources – soil, water, air, trees – sustain and nurture life itself. Kaaya learning centre arose from the urge to create an alternative model of sustainable living. The idea was to do what we could at the individual … Read More Giving at Kaaya