Learn to Up-Cycle

Up cycling is the process of reusing old or discarded objects or material in a way to create a product that is of higher quality or value than the original. Up-cycling helps one reduce waste, while giving something new and useful in return. 

At Kaaya, we run this as a campaign.  The core idea is to bridge the urban need to become environmentally conscious and marry it with the rural needs to find local and viable means for livelihood. Kaaya Centre works with community members in the neighbouring villages for such mutually beneficial opportunities.

By becoming a part of this campaign, one can get to up-cycle their old furniture, clothes, plastic waste and at the same time support livelihood for someone in the villages around Tilwari. The product of this effort could be bags, upcycled furniture, planters, mobile holders, cushion covers, arts and craft items where in one can participate too.