Maker’s Space

Kaaya as a physical space is designed to foster the spirit of co-creation. It activates the creative aspects of participants i.e. ‘to do something’ more than just the consumption aspect i.e. ‘enjoy the good things’.  

Kaaya Maker’s Space is evolving to facilitate urban-rural engagement with sustainable solutions in living.  We believe, the possibilities and benefits of working in such a facility where rural-urban interface is happening are tremendous; such co-creation/joint products developed by local community and the urban visitors/volunteers could foster innovation and creativity to find localised solutions to many issues confronting our society 

Kaaya houses a small workshop with basic tools and gadgets to do DIY projects. It is used to impart hands on learning; creating prototypes, in areas of recycle & reuse, sustainable solutions or  even market substitution of technologies and products that re-solve local problems by fusing the knowledge and technology the outsiders bring with the traditional skill set and knowledge of local teams