To live, do & rejuvenate

Conceptually, Kaaya defines its neighborhoods as a watershed that includes nine villages with its people, land, forest, flora & fauna, water bodies etc. Essentially, for Kaaya, this is the ‘learning ground’, the space to take responsibility for in pursuing sustainable living.

Watershed region
The watershed

Physically, Kaaya Centre is a self-sustained campus with the boarding and lodging facilities for its residents, students and visitors.  The campus is linked by natural footpaths to different facilities like common hall, mess, mud cottages, library, and different learning corners including workshops, kitchen garden, nursery etc. The artwork created by the residents of Kaaya is scattered throughout varying levels of indoor and outdoor space.

Kaaya Learning Centre

The living cottages as well as the entire architecture of the space is earthly with mud floors, cob walls and stone roofs as they blend and move with the forested natural surroundings with the kind of rawness that invites a little imagination to fill in the gaps.

Mud earth huts

As a focal point for knowledge and a gateway for eco-tourism, the Kaaya Centre leverages the rich diversity of natural attributes associated with the region.  Situated on the foothills of Mussoorie, the area sustains rich forest, natural sources of water, river streams, and agricultural fields, yes we grow our own food at Kaaya Farms

Kaaya Farms