Be with a Community

Kaaya community is evolving as more people are getting to know about Kaaya and begin to associate with each other.  The common element that binds people at Kaaya, whether short or long term, is their desire to explore sustainable living options.

Kaaya provides a space to eco-preneurs, practitioners and creative people for their sustained engagement with local actions. As a part of kaaya community, some of us, learn’ n ’teach for a living and some of just want to explore, share and implement ideas on sustainability.

Much like one of its core philosophies, the concept of Kaaya Living came though experiential learning to one of its co-founders Santosh who is now joined by a diverse community of people. It was he who initially shifted his focus from being a white collared consultant to someone who gets hands on and conceptualized Kaaya as a social enterprise.

The journey of Kaaya begun as a struggle to do, to create from scratch. There was no blue print, and today, it is still evolving; shaping and yet being shaped by its community. We are learning the meaning of trust, when to let go and embrace that which is natural. When to fall back upon people, share our vulnerability and seek support. It is just an attempt to walk the talk, to see if we can re-imagine a life of co-existence with our neighborhood.