Participate in a Nature Camp

Our semi structured yet comprehensive ‘Journeys’ embraces the concepts from ecology to sustainability. Here the student gets an opportunity to connect their classroom knowledge with the real geographical, ecological and cultural context. 

Camp Components
  • Know your food:  participate  in the journey of ‘seed,’ understand how much science, traditional wisdom, labor, persistence of farmer that goes in to make the food we eat.
  • Know your milk: Participate in the journey of ‘milk’, see a slice of rural life routine around cattle, understand the intricate balance among human, animal & nature and how it affect us. 
  • Know your Mitti (soil): Participate in the journey of ‘soil’, understand the building blocks of mountains, rivers and forest and see the inter-connectedness of life around it.   
  • Village walks with local community: Observe village life, its society; governance and see how similar or dissimilar we are in terms of your own life style.
  • Nature trails with experts: observe local flora and fauna, water systems, & natural resource uses that are critical for our survival.

The methodology we adopt uses appreciative enquiry and a hands-on approach that allows students to ‘get their hands dirty’ while allowing spaces for creativity, reflection and building team spirit.  

Each journey is designed to have elements of cognition, tactile/visual as well as practice component to provide a holistic understanding.