Volunteer/Intern at Kaaya

One of the aims of the Kaaya’s  intern and volunteer programme is to provide a space as well as a learning ground to practice sustainability wherein individuals have a desire to exchange knowledge about new paradigms in education, nature, responsible citizenship, and how this relates to themselves as well as society around them. 

Kaaya offers opportunities for learning and sharing for all members of the local and international community to learn and share their experiences and job-related skills in an environment that is diverse as well as accommodating. 

The energy, passion and dedication that interns and volunteers contribute to Kaaya make it the ground-breaking place of education that it is. Each year a diverse group of interns and volunteers come with their own special set of interests and skills. By sharing it with the local community and becoming part of neighbourhood action, they are shaping as well as are getting shaped for a possible future towards sustainable living. 

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