Plan a field trip for students

In class rooms, students engage with different aspects of pressing global issues related to environment, climate change or sustainability covered in their syllabus. When they visit Kaaya, they have already studied, debated, presented on, and written research papers about them. 

At Kaaya, they get the field context to link them all together. We facilitate a proactive engagement of students with local environment where nature and communities co-exist; and how such interactions are the basis of supporting urban lifestyles. Students also learn how they, as a consumer, can contribute towards building a more eco-friendly, sustainable world

The local team at Kaaya Centre facilitates opportunities for student groups to learn, innovate, create and connect with nature and its re-generative processes through  their engagement with “live Projects”

The program offers a customised package (including residency) for students wherein they learn and participate in the various village activities, like: 

  1. Help setting up of a mushroom; poultry and dairy units
  2. Practising organic farming; composting; land development
  3. Plantations; nursery and eco-development activities
  4. Sustainable housing; use of local material like bamboo, lantana, clay

In the process; students also have the opportunity to understand: 

  • The role of Civil Society (NGOs) in rural development
  • Field Methodology; Socio-economic surveys; presentation & report writing
  • Social Entrepreneurship; what does it mean? 
  • Career in the field of rural development/environment etc

Support Offered

MentoringField VisitsRound Table
Selection of ‘project theme’ as per student’s skill /requirementAvailability of baseline data for studentsWeekly roundtable discussion with subject matter specialist
Guidance on methodology & plan of actionAssignment in ‘live project’ with local resource persons as guideWorkshops
Feedback on presentation & report writing