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Kaaya: an Architect’s Perspective

Designing sustainability Kaaya over time has caught attention of visitors because of its architecture. Without a blue-print, it evolved organically and has dynamically adapted to its environment as well as changing needs. The architect Saaniya visited Kaaya as a guest and has taken time to reflect her experiences below


Work & play

Kaaya offers

A pre-membership voucher Friends and well-wishers! We hope you are keeping safe and taking care! These are difficult times. Never been in history, so many of us are concerned about life collectively. However, we all may find a path and resilience in the time to come. Somethings may indeed change, We hope we all are getting prepared for it.  At Kaaya, we are also … Read More Kaaya offers


Art-Eco: Part 1

Art-Eco 2019-20: A socio culture Project (14-20 Dec) Today we conclude a week-long journey of international plein air artists at Kaaya. Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind to experience painting and drawing in the open air. Particularly in this time, when climate as well as humanitarian crisis is looming large, these artists left  comforts of their homes … Read More Art-Eco: Part 1



International Artists Residency Stay tuned…


Community Living

Kaaya Living The program began to evolve as an experiment in sustainable living when more and more people from different parts visited Kaaya and thought of Kaaya also as an option for a sustained engagement in the long term too.


Writers in Residence

The physicality of words! We don’t know, but are ready to explore this in the coming days. At Kaaya we are connecting the need to get out of town, breathe fresh air, enjoy solitude, contemplate and to share!

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Upcoming Event

Maati Ki Baatein… Kaaya is excited to host an experiential workshop for all age groups including families to re-connect with Mitti, self and the creative processes through sharing , doing and learning

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Meditation & Yoga

Meditation & Yoga We always saw Kaaya as an organic and evolving space for action, reflection and engagement, but never thought it as a space for meditation itself.

Upcoming Event

Full Moon Meditation!


NGO Retreat

Waste Warriors, Dehradun 2nd -4th August 2019 Kaaya has been a popular destination for a group of 20 young Waste Warriors, an amazing citizen led organization from Dehradun to receive a three day residential leadership training from their favorite coach and to spend time with him in the nature.


Artists’ Residency Program

June 2018 At the completion of an art camp that was a unique experience for the Kaaya team and the artists who were in residence. In what ways it was unique is probably best expressed in the words of the artists. So keep reading how the artists engaged with art… the Kaaya way