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Kaaya: an Architect’s Perspective

Designing sustainability Kaaya over time has caught attention of visitors because of its architecture. Without a blue-print, it evolved organically and has dynamically adapted to its environment as well as changing needs. The architect Saaniya visited Kaaya as a guest and has taken time to reflect her experiences below

Kaaya offers

A pre-membership voucher Friends and well-wishers! We hope you are keeping safe and taking care! These are difficult times. Never been in history, so many of us are concerned about life collectively. However, we all may find a path and resilience in the time to come. Somethings may indeed change, We hope we all are getting prepared for it.  At Kaaya, we are also … Read More Kaaya offers

Organic growers

Neighbors as organic growers! In case you have recently missed Kaaya updates…. We were busy learning to grow organic. As a urban-rural connect program, Kaaya is pleased to share a unique organic kitchen garden initiative in the neighborhood! As you may be aware that the incentive to farm is really going down particularly by small farmers. Whether it is the monkey menace or the … Read More Organic growers

Kaaya – A Refreshing Experience

Ajita, goes with the stage name Penning Silly Thoughts, has spent 10 days at Kaaya. I stayed with Kaaya, that aims to provide a mix of urban-rural experience along with other learnings that we wouldn’t normally while living our comfortable life of a big city. Life at Kaaya is slow, yet fruitful, relaxed, yet busy. There were many occasions when we got out of … Read More Kaaya – A Refreshing Experience


Beginnings of the rural mart

Not many people know, but the roots of Kaaya can be traced to a small initiative in the mountain district of Rudraprayag where the seeds of sustainable enterprise were sown. Since the story has already been published by Terra Green, we are reproducing the excerpts


Kaaya Upcycle

Substituting recycled wood for plastics


Kaaya Nature Cafe

Upgrading! We are upgrading our cafe…the opening for the walk-ins will be announced soon. However the cafe services, including menu will be available for the Kaaya residents as well as Reservations for a group outing.