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Friends and well-wishers!

We hope you are keeping safe and taking care!

These are difficult times. Never been in history, so many of us are concerned about life collectively. However, we all may find a path and resilience in the time to come. Somethings may indeed change, We hope we all are getting prepared for it. 

At Kaaya, we are also adapting. Kaaya is different mostly in the purpose of its existence, and how as a community we respond to the crisis and opportunities

Many of you may be aware that Kaaya is a social enterprise, connecting urban and rural in a tiny village some 20 Km off Dehradun city. It provides some basic earthly accommodations, a cafeteria, and ample spaces to explore & play in the village that the urban find interesting and different from their routine living.

We are close these days. But cannot remain so…We directly support full time staff of 10 and around 22 service providers. We need us all to be safe and at the same time align ourselves with market for sustainability. Earlier, we could sustain a local team of community from the receipts of urban visitors via Airbnb, school children visit, and other guests

As an idea, what if, we are sustained by your advance purchase of Kaaya voucher. We are issuing Kaaya Impact Vouchers to a conscious group of limited members. So that, during Covid time, we as a team, continue to do what is essential i.e. to grow more healthier food, engage our neighbouring farmers to do the same so that we can share natural, organic, chemical free food with them. Not to meet all needs but what we can provide like micro-greens, herbs & spices, home-made processed food like pickles and condiments, cold milled flour etc for our members on exclusive basis.

Kaaya Impact Voucher provides a win-win scenario. If you purchase this voucher now, as an Impact Investor or a pre-member of Kaaya in advance, Kaaya gets to work and you will have exclusive access to different products and services provided by Kaaya at your convenience and comfort zone later. We have already begun to find ways, growing more food, taking the local community along. Someone has used his welding skills to create a box for the hens, so we could spread hen boxes and get desi eggs. Sureshi ji has mobilized local women to begin the production of namkeens, magic salt, mango pickles, homemade pappad etc. Rakesh has revamped his Water Gharat, ready to provide cold milled flour to our friends and conscious consumers. We are also setting up an outdoor kitchen for experimenting with nature and forest-based food, explore traditional cooking and giving final touches to a two-storey mud house for children to experience living in a hand sculpted, naturally cooled space.

Post-Covid times, you redeem the voucher, whether to gift a retreat to someone you feel need a break, or to host a family event or to just have an experience in nature living for the family, or to participate in urban farming workshop or to send your kid to outdoor learning camp…or to get our organic food kit couriered to you, there are many ways to use kaaya Voucher

Ways to redeem the voucher, One voucher entitles you to Kaaya product and services up-to its value with a 20% discount, can be availed till next year

  1. Accommodation and food for your family (2 Adults+1 or 2 kids) for 2 Nights,
  2. A welcome organic products kit
    • OR
  3. A 5 Day residential camp/ for your kid or a 5 day detox retreat for yourself
    • OR
  4. Periodic supply of organic produce (till the voucher value last, the package can be delivered or couriered to you within India)
  5. Also, each voucher holder can bring in additional people, and get 20 % discount on accommodation for additional members
    • OR,
  6. you plan your trip as per your wish, we simply deduct the voucher value from the total Billing and additionally offer you a 20% discount on accommodation
  7. On a singe day, we can accommodate up-to 5 families at Kaaya campus comfortably

Later, as you visit us, we are sure, you will find many different ways to benefit from Kaaya in future as a prospective member. Those of you who have visited Kaaya may see its value, but for those, who have not we are attaching a video link.  https://youtu.be/MR5sab82Xi4

Campus in Dehradun

Best regards & keep safe!

Till we meet again…

Kaaya team

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