Neighbors as organic growers!

In case you have recently missed Kaaya updates…. We were busy learning to grow organic. As a urban-rural connect program, Kaaya is pleased to share a unique organic kitchen garden initiative in the neighborhood!

As you may be aware that the incentive to farm is really going down particularly by small farmers. Whether it is the monkey menace or the unpredictability of monsoons or the meager returns on their efforts. Some how, the risks as well as incentives are really messed up and the farmers here have no option but to abandon agriculture, selling land and to migrate towards city that we generally see happening around us.

It therefore becomes essential to address this issue and work towards some innovative solutions. Once upon a time, a cool and moist micro climate did existed in Doon Valley that favored the production of famous Basmati rice and vegetables.

So, this is what we have as an idea!

Almost every household in this region has the practice of growing the vegetables that they eat in their own kitchen garden, which is generally tended to by the ladies of the household. If they are growing for themselves, then surely with some additional inputs, they can grow some surplus to share with urban families in the city.

So, we have taken a first step in this direction. By sharing and learning with our neighborhood farmers, we hope to generate a surplus production of better quality from every household, that will not only provide an additional income to the women farmers, but also reassure us as a urban consumer that we are getting fresh organic vegetables to eat.

What do you think?

Neighbors as organic growers!

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