The physicality of words! We don’t know, but are ready to explore this in the coming days. At Kaaya we are connecting the need to get out of town, breathe fresh air, enjoy solitude, contemplate and to share!

A writer in Residence

We have great pleasure to have Ms Tripta Batra among us as the writer in residence at Kaaya. She has graciously accepted our request to facilitate some sessions for us. In past, she has facilitated many workshops for different groups on diverse focus ranging from: joy in learning to understanding the world we live in. Her focus area includes fear and trust, competition and cooperation, creative writing, the search for meaning, spirituality and so on. Always her intentions are to design a session /workshop in accordance with the needs and context of the group in question and we, at kaaya look forward to learn from her insights.

As far as the basic structure of writer’s residency is concerned, we will have our private spaces for most of the time. A bit of social moments around the dining room and a structured time of 3 hours divided in the slot of two. The writer’s will have a two hour joint session, where we find the common ground for a shared explorations and a one hour session on one to one basis (or jointly) to share personal journey and experiences.

So, we all are looking forward to spend some interesting time in the solitude of nature away from the noise and pollution, and celebrate together the festivals of lights, Dipawali, in the silent retreat of nature at Kaaya

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