Meditation & Yoga

We always saw Kaaya as an organic and evolving space for action, reflection and engagement, but never thought it as a space for meditation itself.

Most of the times our narrative of experiencing at Kaaya has been

Kaaya as a living space is earthly with mud floors, cob walls and stone roofs as it blends in and move with the wooded natural environment. It reflect a kind of rawness that allows for imagination and creativity to manifest within in its residents

We never, bought spirituality in our narrative. Though in past, we were graced by many visitors who always felt something there, probably the kind of energy that is linked with spirituality. We got many requests to hold yoga & meditation camps, but somehow the design of Kaaya was not such that we could provide the logistics for a large group of adults. We were happy hosting kids and enjoyed exploring various journeys with them.

Things begin to change in last six months when we hosted a happiness program for village kids and got the encouragement from the Teacher to hold an advance program in meditation here at this space. At that time, it was just a matter of ‘willing it’. We never knew from where the funds will come or how much time it will take, but slowly and surely, we arrived there and were glad to witness a meditation program. And yes, now Kaaya has become a space, wherein we can think of experiments in connecting the spiritual pursuits of the ‘self’ with the ‘neighborhoods’ , a new journey is unfolding!

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