Looking back at an eventful 2018 and looking forward to an exciting 2019. Read on to find out more about HimVikas activities in the last quarter of 2018. And wishing you all a warm and prosperous new year from all of us at HimVikas.

Pottery Workshop – Towards Sustainable Living

HimVikas organised a year-end pottery workshop for students and adults at the Kaaya Centre. This event was an opportunity to introduce our work and campus to those interested in sustainable living practices. 

Bee Box Set Up for Neighbourhood Building

Following up on the bee keeping training that some HimVikas team members received earlier in the year from Khadi Village and Industries Commission (KVIC), bee boxes were set up at the Kaaya Centre for the team to begin harvesting organic honey. This initiative by HimVikas will encourage the neighbourhood to adopt bee keeping and related enterprises to create entrepreneurs in the community. 

Visit from Maya College – Expanding Horizons 

Agriculture Science students from Maya College, Dehradun participated in an exposure session to understand how NGOs can lead community action projects and how their academic knowledge can be used for community-based solutions. 

Set up of Media Centre for Urban-Rural Connect

We worked with Pranav Jonnavithula, a high school student from Gems International School, Dubai to set up a media centre at Kaaya. The media centre, equipped with PCs and internet, is accessible to all children in the community for educational purposes. The media centre was inaugurated with a workshop on compute assembly that Pranav led with boys from the community.

Computer Application Classes for Girls 

HimVikas volunteer conducted 10 classes on basic computer applications for a small group of girls from neighbouring schools. The classes focused on Word, PowerPoint, and Paint. The aim was to familiarise these children with computers before it is introduced to them via formal education  to give them a head start. 

Vantage Hall Visit – Experiments in Outdoor Living

Students from Vantage Hall, Dehradun participated in a 3-day camping event to experience and understand forest and rural living. As part of their visit, they participated in dairy, forest, and agriculture walks and specifically delved into how they can use what they learn in their school towards designing a sustainable lifestyle for themselves. 

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